Our Team

Dailymag Management

Charles Yao Wendy Xiang Apollo Peng
Charles Yao
Wendy Xiang
Financial Director
Apollo Peng
Project Manager
Joes Zhu Rachel Pan Wang Li
Joes Zhu
Sales Manager
Rachel Pan
Sales Manager
Wang Li
R&D Manager
Sean Xiao Amy Sun Carly Zeng
Sean Xiao
GM of Dailymag Motor
Amy Sun
HR Manager
Carly Zeng
Purchase Manager
Li Chao Molly Shi Claire Fu
Li Chao
QC Manager
Molly Shi
Logistics Manager
Claire Fu
President Assistant

For Dailymag, sustainability is a word that can be used to describe our business relationships, as we value our clients and consistently deliver value to them. To that end we are excited about the prospect of establishing and fostering a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with you and your company, and look forward to that beginning.

Our Mission

Dailymag is fully committed to optimal customer satisfaction by via proactive refinement of internal and external communication, fueling continuous improvement. From our President down to through the organization and out to our suppliers, our vision is to be our industry's world-wide leader - and we're well on our way!