Magnetic Hook

Magnetic hook Magnetic hook Magnetic hook Magnetic hook Magnetic hook Magnetic Spray Gun hook Magnetic Spray Gun hook
Item No.: 251020

Magnetic Hook

Item No.: 253025

Magnetic Flat Hook

Magnetic hook can be used to hang lights, tools, keys, bags or signs and so on from metal doors, tool boxes,

filing cabinets or any ferrous metal surface.

With cushion to protect contact area.

Item No.: 251100

Magnetic Spray Gun Hook

* Ideal for keeping your spray gun ready to use.

* Portable, as it attaches securely to spray booth walls, mixing rooms or anywhere that has a metal surface.

* The powerful magnetic power up to 100LBS keeps it from sliding or tilting out of position when loaded.

* Includes a protective coating to prevent scratches on gun cups

* Use it to avoid the awkwardness of putting

  your gravity feed spray gun down while painting.

* Great as a coat hook or for holding other tools to your tool box.

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