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Invited Witness Guest of Alibaba IPO at NYSE

Of more than 150 thousands Alibaba China Gold suppliers, <br>Our CEO Charles was the sole owner asked to personally witness the Alibaba IPO at the NYSE. <br>Dailymag, A credible and trustworthy partner!

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Dailymag is opening

Ningbo city and Zhejiang province is peaceful and safe, government is effective and careful for all citizens. Company will open , we are lucky , all staff are well at home, and will be well protected when we back to work, the company and factory will prepare face mask, fast dry hand washer, medical alcohol and other things that can ensure our safe and clean working environment.We always believe sunshine and positive faith.

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New product! Dailymag face shield to protect you from COVID-19!

The Face shield and Isolation mask are designed to be used in new coronaviruses epidemic area, and are widely used in hospitals, banks, transportation personnel, restaurants, and other public places;The protective mask can effectively prevent the user from splashing the pollutants on the face in daily life and work. At the same time, this product has good anti-fog performance and provides clear vision for treatment.Disposable.

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