Dailymag Magnetics manufacture and export Various NdFeB magnets for industry use and daily use.We supply the different shape NdFeB magnets,like disc,cylinder,ring,block,arc and more neodymium magnets

Sintered NdFeB magnets (also known as "neo" magnets) are among the most popular magnets in the market today. The magnets have been available commercially since November 1984. They boast of offering the highest energy product (of any material/magnets today) and are available in a wide variety of sizes, grades and shapes (discs, arcs, blocks, spheres, trapezoid etc.).

Initially, NdFeB magnets were primarily used for making VCM’s (voice coil motors) in hard disk drives. This application still accounts for approximately 55 percent of all total sales of Sintered NdFeB magnets today. The magnets have many other applications due to their reasonable cost and superior magnetic properties. NdFeB magnets are used in making many tools/equipment such as communication tools, computer devices, motors, sensors, speakers and medical treatment instruments just to mention a few tools/equipment.

Sintered NdFeB magnets are made using an intermetallic compound; Nd2Fe14B which is composed of 2 rare earth atoms, one boron atom and 14 iron atoms. Besides the main-phase Nd2Fe14B (in NdFeB materials), there are some small quantities of rare Nd-rich phase (earth-rich phase), boron-rich phase and others. The earth-rich phase pins domain walls to give sintered NdFeB magnets a high coercive force. NdFeB magnets available today commercially have numerous partial alloying Nd and Fe substitution combinations which results in a variety of properties. Moreover, the magnets majorities are anisotropic which simply means they are capable of being magnetized in the orientation direction. Neo magnets are 3rd generation rare earth magnets which are simply the most commercially advanced and powerful magnets in the market today.